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Originally from Ukraine, I was born in a beautiful seaside city of Odessa. I became passionate about photography ever since I first picked up a camera – which was only a few years before I moved to the U.S.  

After moving to New York in 1995, I started actively learning the craft, having had  an amazing chance to take several art classes and workshops with noted artists and photographers. I can honestly say that my technique owes a lot to these classes and workshops.

 Although I’m a self-taught photographer, my resume features several magazine publications, as well as group shows in New York and New Jersey. My works can be found in private collections all around the globe.






Why I Am Doing This



Admit it: At least once in your lifetime you experimented with the way you look at the world. You squint a little, you bat your eye, and suddenly it all changes, turning magically whimsical or disturbingly frightening. Through rays and splashes of light our vision weaves a tracery of something very new. It is an honest reflection of the mood of your soul.

So there’s objective science, and there’s also subjective art.

The art of vision comes from training your mind. All of a sudden, instead of just looking, you begin seeing. Your eyes are drawn to the unique patterns that are most meaningful to you. These images become reflections of your inner world. What you choose to see around you is a definition of who you truly are.

This ability to see and to define myself through seeing have become a remarkable self-discovery. It is now essential for me to capture myself, to show the essence of myself thorough my art, and to share it with the world.

And the camera in my hands seems to be the best and the most natural tool for this.


My journey as a photographer started in the previous century, before modern digital cameras became commonplace. But frankly, the equipment does not matter all that much to me. When you create something new – whether it is literature, sculpture, or photographic images – it is not at all about the tools. And it’s not about creating the exact replica of a given object (I’d use a mirror for that). The camera for me is something akin to a bridge that one uses to cross from the tangible surroundings into my imaginary world.


My photography is an open invitation to my make-believe universe. In my art, I hope that you'll find something that’s important and appealing for you, something that will bring additional dimension to your own world, something that helps to make your own life more colorful and exciting.


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